Jeff K. Clarke



‘We know where God is, we do not know where he is not.’ What a liberating and informing statement about God’s nature and activity in the world. And yet, so many have interpreted this presence in abstract ways, detaching God from his creation and defining him in ways that do not correspond to the story of scripture – his story. It would seem that we need to recapture the essence of the… Read More


The subject of inter-religious and non-religious dialogue normally conjures up images of battle, debate and intense forms of argumentation. Even for those who claim to represent Christianity, hostility, rather than hospitality, usually describes our method of persuasion. In this video from Brian McLaren, he asks a number of important questions about how we normally conduct ourselves as Christ-followers in a deeply religious world. He also makes a number of important suggestions on… Read More


The fall season is my favorite time of year, and always has been. Even as a child and teenager growing up in Newfoundland, I fondly remember the beautiful colors of the season, spending time in the country with my dad, picking berries, harvesting the crops at the Clarke family farm, and getting up early in the morning to go hunting (I’m not much of a hunter any more). Breathing in the cool,… Read More