Jeff K. Clarke



Introduction: Success is the most important thing in life, and failure is to be avoided at all cost. That’s the message I hear when I listen closely to the world around me. Success is celebrated; failure is mocked. Success means: you matter; failure means: you don’t. We’re here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, halfway between Harvard and MIT. For a lot of people, just getting here is a success in itself. For others, getting… Read More


Here is a seven-minute video taped recently at Asbury Seminary when Dr. Frank Macchia was there to give the Ryan Lectures, featuring him talking about the “prosperity Gospel.” It’s part of the “seven minute seminary” series put out by the Seedbed ministry. Dr. Macchia is one of my favorite Pentecostal/Charismatic theologians, who I had the honor of meeting back in 2008 when Steve Studebaker and I planned, and hosted, McMaster Divinity College’s… Read More