All We Need Is Love — Reflections from John Stackhouse

Jeff K. Clarke:

Challenging, sobering reflections from John Stackhouse on enemy love.

Originally posted on Prof. John Stackhouse's Weblog:

I’ve been reading the fourteenth-century spiritual advisor Walter Hilton of late. He seems just the right sort of advisor: realistic, patient, encouraging, and yet uncompromising when it comes to what it means truly to follow the path of Jesus Christ.

In a season of the year in which it is easy to get sentimental and silly, Hilton offers this powerful diagnostic tool to assess whether we really do love each other, and particularly whether we can say to Jesus that we are obeying his repeated commandment to love our enemies:

What it really comes to is this: if you are not stirred up against such a person in anger while faking an outward cheer, and have no secret hatred in your heart, despising him or judging him or considering him worthless; if the more shame and villainy he does to you in word or deed, the more pity and compassion…

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