Greg Boyd: Constantine’s Pagan Influence on Christianity


In his July 4, 2010 sermon, pastor Greg Boyd explains how the Roman emperor Constantine radically changed, for the worse, the behavior of many Christians in the world. The entire sermon can be viewed or downloaded at this link:


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One Comment on “Greg Boyd: Constantine’s Pagan Influence on Christianity

  1. Boyd’s point about servanthood is well-made, Jeff, but he seems to ignore the justice of God. What does Boyd have to say about Revelation, where Christ takes up the sword and the armies of the world are slaughtered? What of the old testament in sum, or even Ecclesiastes 3:1-8? Is there no longer a time to kill or a time for war? And who would bring the Christian view of just war into those scenarios except the Church?

    Perhaps it’s the brevity of the clip, but Boyd seems to be dreaming in binary, where the Church is supposed to be completely loving and humble but not breaks the cords of injustice or loose the yoke of slavery. As I read the totality of the Bible, it is apparent that God and his Christ are both-and, i.e. loving and merciful and just and jealous and mighty in battle. And not just figurative battle, but literal battle.

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