Top Ten Blogging Tips


A friend recently began blogging and asked me for a few tips. I’ve compiled a top ten list from what I’ve discovered so far.

1. Blog frequently – at least three times a week. And, make sure the content is good and relevant. With so many blogs out there, people will pick and choose between the well-written and not so well-written.

2. You can create a static main page. You don’t have to do this, but it can prove to be a great way to quickly introduce yourself (a part from your About page).

3. I’ve read from more experienced bloggers that creating a good About page is important. I’ve checked my stats many times, and it’s true what they say – your About page will be visited more than any other post. Making your purpose clear in your About page is key. Michael Hyatt (CEO of Thomas Nelson Pub.) wrote a good post on this very topic (

4. Interact with other blog sites and make frequent comments. This will drive people to your blog, include you in their conversations, as well as provide topics for you to write about yourself. I follow Scot McKnight, Roger Olson, John Stackhouse, Pete Wilson, etc.

5. Allow only one post per page. Endlessly scrolling through post after post on one page is boring.

6. Create a Recent Posts, Top Posts and Recent Comments section in your sidebars by using the widgets available to you from WordPress. I normally include at least five per section (you can do more or less). In your comments section, make sure to interact with everyone who takes the time to comment.

7. Try and write about things that matter. A friend once told me to write about things that are appropriate and timely. I try to follow his advice as much as possible.

8. Write about a variety of topics, but try to stay within a specific area (for me it normally centers on theological/biblical issues). I’ve found book reviews to generate good interest as well.

9. Announce each post on a variety of social media sites. I use Facebook and Twitter predominately. My comments on other blogs normally help as well.

10. Use the email subscription widget so people can subscribe to your blog. I positioned mine at the bottom.

I trust you’ll find these simple ideas helpful. If you have a few to share, please do.

Keep at it!

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2 Comments on “Top Ten Blogging Tips

  1. Jeff,

    Can you tell me the name of the widget you use that includes the “popular/latest/comments” tabs? I’ve been looking for it in WordPress plugins but haven’t been able to find it.


    • Leslie,

      It depends on the theme you use in WordPress. I use the Fresh News theme from Woo Themes and they have a Woo Tab that posts them in a neat box as displayed on my blog. If you do not have such a widget, you’ll probably have to use whatever is available to you within your theme. Unless, of course, you decide on a premium theme that includes the widget.


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