Here is a seven-minute video taped recently at Asbury Seminary when Dr. Frank Macchia was there to give the Ryan Lectures, featuring him talking about the “prosperity Gospel.” It’s part of the “seven minute seminary” series put out by the Seedbed ministry.

Dr. Macchia is one of my favorite Pentecostal/Charismatic theologians, who I had the honor of meeting back in 2008 when Steve Studebaker and I planned, and hosted, McMaster Divinity College’s inaugural Pentecostal Forum, of which Dr. Macchia was a presenter. The papers were later published under the title, Defining Issues in Pentecostalism: Classical and Emergent, which I highly recommend.

Here is the video for your reflection. As stated in the clip, may it be the beginning of a much needed conversation.




Some time ago, I started reading and blogging my way through Leonard Sweet’s latest book, Viral. The final chapter in the book was short, but powerful. Entitled Infectious Faith, Len laid out how the TGIF generation (Twitter, Google, iPhone, Facebook) is posed to start a viral revival. Why? Read the book. However, the basis of his claim appealed to me, and more than that, made sense. It was based on the foundational premise inherent to TGIFers – namely its embrace of the ordinary.

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